Private Plane Journeys

Discover the USA in style, luxury and complete privacy in a private plane tour with Greaves Tours.

With Greaves’ and the Cambata’s experience in private aviation, their passion and personal reach, and their deep roots in aviation, there is no better partner for private plane journeys. A private plane journey enables you to create a truly bespoke experience in the USA, connecting distant locations and remote sites, with the ultimate flexibility on your schedule.

Focusing on luxury, privacy and experience, these journey’s let you create more meaningful journeys, based around your specific interests and needs. Your journey could be exploring the far ends of the USA, hoping around luxury ranches, or connecting multiple cities on a shortened timetable – the experience is yours to define.

You set the time and the place, and your plane will take you there.

Imagine designing your own itinerary in the USA and flying directly from one destination to another without having long drives, the need to change flights or stay at another hotel – having more time to enjoy the sights of another gorgeous discovery in the USA.

Whether it is to bring a remote destination within your reach, or the customized combination of exotic cities, having a private plane at your disposal will give you the freedom to plan a memorable tour of the USA and make your special wish list come true!

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